How we’re using tech to fight hunger 

The average restaurant might waste up to 100,000 pounds of food annually. Less than 2% of restaurant food is donated, and transportation is a top barrier. But there’s a great need: 1 in 8 people in the U.S. face hunger. We're using our logistics technology to connect surplus food with local nonprofits that serve people facing hunger in our communities.

Our efforts are made possible through partnerships with food rescue platforms like Copia, Replate, Transfernation, Urban Gleaners, and 412 Food Rescue.

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These tools automatically connect high-quality, donated surplus food with a nearby hunger-relief nonprofit—and DoorDash facilitates the pick up and delivery.

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Totally not wasted!


Since launching Project DASH in 2018, we've powered more than 9,500 deliveries of over 625,000 pounds of donated food from businesses to hunger-relief nonprofits. We're proud to support these important organizations in our mission of delivering good.

Diverting that much surplus food from landfills is roughly the same as:

  • Providing 520,000 meals to people facing hunger

  • Eliminating 340,000 pounds of CO2 (the amount produced by 7,000 homes in one day)

Read up here on some facts and myths about donating food that we’ve learned along the way.



On the road with Project DASH

Our first-ever murals featuring Project DASH were painted in Austin, Brooklyn, and Boston in Summer 2018.

What if taking a selfie could be a selfless act? As in, what if your selfie could feed a person in need? This summer, we set out to make that happen. Every time you tagged a picture of our murals in Austin, Boston, or Brooklyn, we donated one meal* in partnership with Feeding America®.

Check out this video for a behind-the-scenes look.




Join us!


Since January 2018, together with DoorDash partners and customers, we've helped donate over 2.3 million meals* to people facing hunger.

*Leveraging Feeding America’s ability to source and transport donated food at scale, $1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks.


Delivering good news

Meet a Dasher: Grier, Houston TX

“My name is Grier. I was born in St. Louis Missouri, but I’m an Air Force brat, so I've moved around most of my life. I ended up in Houston because my father’s here. I like dashing because I like to drive. Driving for me is usually for stress relief and I drive around to get to know the city. In the last couple of weeks, I have learned more about Houston than I have since I first moved here. Then of course there's the management of my time. I can fit it into my schedule. I was in class and I had a three-hour break, so I went out and I did lunch.

I'm currently in school studying business marketing and entrepreneurship. I took a philosophy class recently and I was kind of infatuated with Stoicism, so I've been reading about that. I'm also big on self-help and motivational books. I like to study the greats, maybe try a little bit of this, a little bit of that and make my own formula. My 10-year goal is to get into motivational teaching. Just giving back, instructing others to build better habits, just little simple things like goal-setting that can help others achieve their goals. That’s my passion.”



Share Your Good Times

Time to explore a new neighborhood. Time to finish that book you've been reading. Time to enjoy your favorite meal with a view. Tag your favorite moments with #DeliveringGood and @DoorDash and you could be featured on our feed.



WeDash for a Cause


At DoorDash, we believe the best way to stay connected to our communities is to spend time in their shoes. That's why every full-time employee dashes once a month. Known as WeDash, it’s a tradition that's been going strong since our founding. But it's not just about improving DoorDash. We also do it to give back—every single penny earned while WeDashing is donated to a charity. In 2018, we contributed to food justice organizations based in Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., Santa Cruz, Rochester, and areas in North Carolina affected by Hurricane Florence.


delivering good EXPERIENCES 

What You're Saying...

“DoorDash allows me to try new foods. I’m not good at cooking Thai cuisine or ramen, but I can get it through DoorDash.”

—Rosa, Mountain View, CA

“Ordering DoorDash gives me more time to relax.”

—Jennifer, Houston, TX

“DoorDash is a way to explore what’s around me—I just moved.”

—Charles, Los Angeles, CA